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Accelerate Existing Loan

Simplify Your Finances


We help you accelerate your payments into faster equity by simply changing your payment schedule. Create instant convenience by aligning how you pay for your loans with the way you get paid.

Simplify your payment schedules and pay off your loans faster.


Vehicle Loans: Pay the same car payment you pay today without the need to refinance, simply break down the payment biweekly and pay it off early. There is no penalty if you trade-in your car or sell it before you are done paying off your loan.

Mortgages: Since Mortgages are larger financial investments, you could be saving thousands of dollars in interest. Simply allow our biweekly payment administrator to make your payments for you directly from your payroll, checking, or savings account and you could be on your way to financial prosperity.

Personal Loans: If you took out a personal loan to pay off credit card debt or other financial obligations, what better way than to pay them off faster with our service. Allow our FDIC Bank/Administrator to utilize the system to deduct your loan payments biweekly from your payroll, checking, or savings account and let the savings begin.

Student Loans: Graduating College was difficult enough, but paying back your loans doesn’t have to be. Don’t allow your student loans to overwhelm you. Simply align your student loan payments to your pay schedule and have peace of mind that your loan is being paid on time, paid off faster, while more money is being applied to your principle.


Potential Benefits


By enrolling in the Bi-Weekly Program it allows you to pay half of your payment every 2 weeks which applies 1 extra payment to the principal balance each year. These payments will be conveniently debited from your checking or savings account.

The Bi-Weekly program is designed to save you money and shorten the life of your loan. Enroll today and take advantage of the benefits listed below.


  • Early Loan Payoffs: The payment schedule is designed to pay off your loan several months faster than the original term.

  • Gain Equity By Accelerating Your Loan: This plan should reduce the principal balance at an accelerated rate by making additional payments throughout the life of the loan, which should increase the equity in your investment.

  • Larger Trade-In Value: We should add equity simply because the loan payoff is several months faster than the original term.

  • Convenient Automatic Payment Withdrawal: This feature will save you time because your payment will be automatically debited from your checking or savings account and transferred to the lender.

  • Rest Easy: Sit back and enjoy the ride, gaining equity and convenient loan payments with us.



Bi-Weekly Auto Payment Calculator

Pay off your loan approximately 6 MONTHS sooner. 

* Net Service Fees ** Assumes first full payment and a half payment collected prior to the first loan payment.


Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Calculator

Pay off your loan approximately 46 MONTHS sooner.

*Does not include service or debit fees. Contact dealer for details.